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Ora Ratner

I was born in Israel and worked as a high-school teacher (specializing in history & the Holocaust). During one of the longest strikes I started to do cross-stitch embroidery. Later it evolved into creative embroidery with a local group in our Galilee community.

During sabbaticals in the US & Australia (mainly in Provo, Utah & in Perth,the  Western-Australia) I was exposed to the beauty of tole-painting (decorative folk-art). This was combined with the joy of hunting unique wood pieces in remote places around the world.

Throughout the years in Australia I also attended many workshops and classes in creative embroidery, especially in Adelaide, in South Australia, and in Bendigo, in Victoria.

In recent years I have been focusing on developing my original hand-made embroidery style which blends imaginative shapes with pieces like beads and shells and old or new glass pieces, all meticulously collected while travelling and visiting friends. This provides me with great enjoyment and fun!

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