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Meni (Menachem) Conen

Meni Conen was born in Israel and has been drawing and painting since his teens. From 1972 – 75 he studied Industrial Design and Model Making in Munich. He then returned to Israel and worked in these fields for twelve years. Between 1985 and 1987 he painted with a group of artists at the Art Academy of Netanya , under the instruction of Moshe Musman. Meni came to Canada in 1987 and in 1992, became one of the founding members, and for several years the chair of the Israeli Artists Group of Toronto. Since 1994 Meni has been a member of the Toronto Watercolour Society. He has participated in many group exhibitions with these two associations, and also had twice a two artists show. Meni’s mediums are watercolour, acrylic, oil and pastel painting, wood and aluminum sculpture and photography.

Meni’s  Personal Statement

Most of my life I lived in Israel. Its old city-scapes with their special kind of light and atmosphere, are still my favorite subject. Since coming to Canada in 1987, I found that its landscapes area as intriguing, with their strong autumn colour contrasts, the diffused winter light, the gorgeous sunsets, and the reflection of woods in water everywhere. Additional subjects that I am interested in are flowers and people.
When I work in two dimensional media – photography or painting – I am always on the look out for an interesting subject to create an artistic image. I try to capture it in a frame that will emphasize its design, colour contrast and composition in order to please the eye and intrigue the mind. When I paint, I have the artistic freedom to disregard some things, to enhance and emphasize colour, to add or subtract all kind of details in a way that I feel will look better.
I work mostly in watercolour because I fell in love with its translucency and flow.
I found that my art gives me better tools to look at life and the world around me, to appreciate it and to work with it.

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