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Rivka Laiman

Ryvka Laiman was born in Poland in December 1932 and lived there until the Second World War broke out. Miraculously, she and her family survived tragedy when they were deported to Siberia. As a little girl in the cold Russian region, she would  bade her time by pulling the black hair from her head to make images on windows as it froze, forming diverse figures in hopes of bringing some beauty to a world that was in desperate need of some. After the war, she traveled through Poland, Germany, and France en route to Israel. Ryvka never had a formal art education, although she did finish fashion design. Her passion lies in painting, showcasing her art on any medium she could get her hands on. She never knows what she is going to paint when she sits down in front of a canvas, allowing her art to find itself. Ryvka lives in Toronto and paints for her family. Her grandchildren are her biggest fans and she is already preparing paintings for her great grandchildren.

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